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  • Spring Design
    Posted by eric on March 20, 2017

    Standard Springs vs Special Springs Finding the right spring can be as easy as selecting a standard catalog item. A Smalley engineer can help you choose from over 4000 standard parts available from stock in carbon and stainless steel. Smalley’s “no-tooling” method of manufacturing provides the utmost in flexibility and quality. Whether the requirement is […]

  • Preformance
    Posted by eric on March 20, 2017

    Operating Stress Compressing a wave spring creates bending stresses similar to a simple beam in bending. These compressive and tensile stresses limit the amount a spring can be compressed before it yields or “takes a set”. Although spring set is sometimes not acceptable, load and deflection requirements will often drive the design to accept some […]

  • Single Turn
    Posted by eric on March 20, 2017

    Single Turn Gap or Overlap Type Low-Medium Force Low-Medium Spring Rate Short Deflection Precise Load/Deflection Characteristics Single turn wave springs are the basic and most common wave spring product. They are used in the widest variety of spring applications due to their lower cost and simplified design configuration. Single turn wave springs provide the most […]

  • Hello world!
    Posted by eric on March 3, 2017

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